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Health Horoscopes 2011

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scorpio Health Horoscopes 2011

Scorpio Health Horoscopes 2011: From health aspect, Scorpions are going to face pain at back or knees in 2011. Scorpio Fitness Astrology 2011 predicts a year with some digestive problems for Scorpions. These people are advised to take all precautions during sex otherwise they might suffer from sexually transmitted diseases in 2011.

Scorpio Diet Precautions 2011: Scorpio is a water sign with people of this sign generally suffering from blood related problems. As per Scorpio Diet Horoscopes 2011, these people are advised to take fruits and beans in their diet. In 2011, Scorpions are advised to avoid oily food, sweets and too much breads for health and fitness.

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